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1497cc 1.5 liter 1NZ-FE 4 cyl   2004-07
xA, (2004-07) xB (2004-07) DOHC
This is a Variable Valve Timing (VVT) engine
Timing Set series 2 TS21846 chain, tens & 2 rails  
Timing Chain C15124 124 links  
Tensioner T66034    
Guide Rail R76009 tensioner rail, slipper  
Guide Rail R76010 used on right with tensioner  
Cam Sprocket G58201 intake VVT actuator  
Cam Sprocket G56343 exhaust  
Crank Sprocket^ G56134 18T press fit on crank  
^Before removing, mark exact tooth timing mark position, depth position on crank snout, and direction (front & back)
1.8 liter 1.8 liter 2ZR-FE 4 cyl   2008-14
xD (2008-14)   DOHC
Timing Set full TS15140 has no cam sprockets  
TS15140 has a chain, tensioner, 3 rails, & crank sprocket
Timing Set series 2 TS25140 chain, tens & 3 rails  
Sprocket Set 3 pieces TG2120 see next lines  
TG2120 has 2 VVT cam sprockets & one crank sprocket.
Oil pump drive parts are not included in above sets
Oil Pump Drive Set TS10000 see next line  
TS10000 has the oil pump chain, tensioner, & spring,
and both crankshaft and oil pump sprockets
Timing Chain C15140 140 links  
Tensioner T66225 ratchet style  
Guide Rail R70172 upper, between cams  
Guide Rail R76154 tensioner rail  
Guide Rail R76155 fixed rail  
Cam Sprocket G58206 36 teeth exhaust VVT  
Cam Sprocket G58207 36 teeth intake VVT  
Crank Sprocket G56033 18 teeth  
Oil pump drive parts listed below
Oil Pump Chain C1001 52 links  
Tensioner T68005 for oil pump chain  
Tensioner Spring T68004 for oil pump tensioner  
Crank Sprocket 20T G56373 for oil pump chain  
O/Pump Sprocket G56125 20 teeth, for oil pump  
2398cc 2.4 liter 2AZ-FE 4 cyl   2005-12
tC (2005-10), xB (2008-12)   DOHC
Timing Set series 2 TS21002 C1002, T64062, & 2 rails  
O/Pump Chain Set TS21001 C1001, T66142, R76040  
Timing & O/P Set TS11001 contents see next line  
TS11001 = all parts below except G58209 sprocket
Timing Chain C1002 cam chain  
Tensioner T64062 cam chain tensioner  
Cam Sprocket int. G58209 VVT actuator  
Cam Sprocket ex. G55846 xB 2008-09  
Crank Sprocket G57210    
Guide Rail R76041 tensioner rail  
Guide Rail R76042 fixed rail  
Oil pump drive parts listed below
Oil Pump Chain C1001 52 links  
Guide Rail R76040 oil pump fixed rail  
Tensioner T66142 oil pump tensioner  
Tensioner Spring T68000 spring for oil pump tensioner  
Crank Sprocket G56372 drive sprocket, 20 teeth  
O/Pump Sprocket G56125 20 teeth / very small  
2.5 liter 2.5 liter 2AR-FE   4 cyl 2011-14
tC (2011-14)   DOHC
Timing Set full TS13124 see next line  
TS13124 has chain, tens, 3 rails, & crank sprocket
Timing Chain C13124 124 link  
Tensioner T66187 ratchet style  
Guide Rail R76198 upper, between cams  
Guide Rail R76196 tensioner rail  
Guide Rail R76197 fixed rail  
Cam Sprocket int. G58224 2011-12, VVT actuator  
Cam Sprocket int.   2013-14, VVT actuator  
Cam Sprocket exht. G58225 2011, VVT actuator  
Cam Sprocket exht.   2012-14, VVT actuator  
Crank Sprocket G56374 18 teeth  

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