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3.6-G 3.6 liter ERB   V-6 2012-14
C/V 3.6L (2012-14), Postmaster 1500, 2500, & 3500 (2014), 1500 (2013) DOHC
Timing Set full TS11120 set with sprockets  
TS11120 has everything below except VVT cam sprockets
Timing Set no gears TS21120 set without sprockets  
TS21120 has everything below except has no sprockets
Oil pump drive parts are included in both timing sets
Timing Chain C744 primary, 44 link  
Timing Chain 2 req. C7120 secondary, 120 link  
Tensioner primary T66197 primary  
Tensioner left T66198 secondary  
Tensioner right T66199 secondary  
Guide Rail primary R76239 for lower timing chain  
Guide Rail secondary R76235 left, tensioner rail  
Guide Rail secondary R76236 left, fixed guide rail  
Guide Rail secondary R76237 right, tensioner rail  
Guide Rail secondary R76238 right, fixed guide rail  
Cam Sprocket int. G58433 VVT, 2 required  
Cam Sprocket exht. G58434 VVT, 2 required  
Idler Shaft^   included with G56047, no bolt  
Idler Sprocket^ G56047 tooth count 28/22/22  
Crank Sprocket^ G56048 tooth count 31/21  
Oil pump drive system parts
Oil Pump Chain 68L C769 lower chain for pump  
Tensioner T66203 for oil pump chain  
Oil Pump Sprocket^ G56049 mounts on pump  
^sprockets are nickel molly alloy steel for long durability
3.7-K 224ci   V-6 2011-12
Dakota (2011), 1500 (2011-12) SOHC
Timing Set series 2 TS22393 set without sprockets  
Timing Set full set TS12395 see note  
Note: Secondary Idler sprocket & balance shaft gears are
not included in any sets. They are sold separately.
Timing Chain lower C393 primary 70 link  
Timing Chain 2 req. C194 cam drive 94L 2 req.  
Tensioner right T66431 cam chain tensioner  
Tensioner left T66432 cam chain tensioner  
Tensioner primary T65423 center chain tensioner  
Guide Rail right R75434 right chain fixed rail  
Guide Rail left R75435 left chain fixed rail  
Guide Rail 2 req. R75433 for tensioner  
Cam Sprocket right G55868 NGC system  
Cam Sprocket left G55824 26 teeth  
Crank Sprocket G55861 25 teeth  
Idler Sprocket G55863 primary 50 teeth  
The items below are not supplied in the sets
Idler Sprkts & Gear G57019 secondary - 26T & 26T  
Idler Support F57019 shaft for idler sprocket  
Balance Shaft Gear G57017 for bal. shaft 22 teeth  
Balance Shaft Gear G57018 for secondary Idler 44T  
4.7-P, 8 285ci     V-8 2011-13
1500 (2011-13), Dakota (2011) NGC design SOHC
Timing Set no gears TS22395 set without sprockets  
Timing Set^ full TS13395 see next lines  
TS13395 has 3 chains, 3 tens, 4 rails, & 4 sprockets
Note: Secondary dual row idler sprocket is not in any set
Timing Chain lower C393 primary / 70 link  
Timing Chain 2 req. C1192 92L roller - secondary  
Tensioner primary T65423 tensioner & guide plate  
Tensioner right T66431 right secondary tens.  
Tensioner left T66432 left secondary tens.  
Guide Rail R76168 fixed rail 2 req.  
Guide Rail R76169A tensioner rail 2 req.  
Cam Sprocket left G56019 26 teeth has no ring  
Cam Sprocket^ right G56018 26 teeth - with NGC ring^  
^ the G56018 "NGC" sprocket has 8 window settings having 1, 2,
or 3 windows per set. Clockwise from keyway NGC ring has
following arrangement of the window sets: 1, 3, 1, 2, 2, 3, 2, 1
Crank Sprocket G55861 25 teeth  
Idler Sprocket G55863 primary 50 teeth  
Idler Sprocket G57019 secondary not in set  
5.7-T 345ci EZC, EZH   V-8 Hemi 2011-13
1500 (2011-13), 2500 (2011-13), 3500 (2011-13) DOHC
Timing Set 3 pcs TS20276 chain, tensioner, & rail  
Timing Set 4 pcs TS10276 set without cam gear  
Timing Chain C276 76 link fine finish  
Tensioner T66162 complete assembly  
Guide Rail R76146 fixed 2 bolt mount  
Cam Gear not in set G58426 46T NGC VVT sprocket  
Crank Sprocket G56025 23 teeth  

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